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Intermediate Alignment (Level II) Course Description
This two-day course is designed for the less experienced alignment technician or the alignment technician wanting to be updated on the latest alignment technology. Topics covered include a more in-depth study of the alignment angles, aftermarket adjustments and modified vehicles Emphasis will be placed on OEM and aftermarket vehicle adjustment procedures found on today’s passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs using SLA and strut suspensions including Twin I-Beam suspensions and “altered height” vehicles. Course consists of a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on shop training. Hands-on/Lab modules are structured to provide the student in-depth skills relating to alignment equipment operation in combination with additional opportunities to perform actual vehicle alignment processes.  The amount of actual vehicle alignments will vary with each class.


By the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe in-depth principles of camber, caster, toe and thrust angle.
  • Describe the basic principles related to spindle leverage, center of gravity, roll center, frame angle and scrub radius.
  • Perform a four-wheel alignment using the OEM adjustment methods found on today’s vehicles using SLA, strut suspension systems including Twin I-Beam suspensions.
  • Perform or describe the procedure used for a four-wheel alignment using aftermarket adjustment methods available for today’s vehicles using SLA, strut suspension systems including Twin I-Beam suspensions.
  • Identify potential alignment related problems from equipment printouts using Hunter equipment.
  • Perform alignment procedures and formulate solutions when aligning “altered suspension height” vehicles using Hunter alignment equipment.
  • Be able to modify or create and save “specialized” alignment specifications using Hunter equipment.
  • Describe the influence of ride height alteration, wheel offset, weight distribution and spring rating
  • Describe the influence of “stability” and “collision avoidance” systems on alignment procedures.
  • Describe steering and suspension system related problems.
  • Review specialized OEM adjustment procedures.


At least one year of “hands on” alignment experience using Hunter equipment or the successful completion of the Hunter Alignment Fundamentals Alignment (Level I) course.


Experienced Alignment Service Associates


$375.00 per student

Note-This course may be taken in combination with Alignment Fundamentals-Level I course for $750.00. ($75.00 savings).

Note-This course may be taken in combination with Advanced Alignment-Level III course for $675.00. ($100.00 savings).


Two-days (16 hours), unless otherwise specified.

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